Asha - Testo Lyrics Side To Side

Testo della canzone

She told me she?d be back
but it?s no easy now
so i?m gonna stay

take a chance the time is right
come back soon
she said holding my hand
under a full moon

you have seen all my dreams
coming true
but like a child?s game
in the end you loose

looking for the reason why
living in your hidden lie
side to side

i feel your pain in me
everytime i see you in dreams
i?ll never cross the line
i?m running always side to side
the distance makes us strong
sure i?ll never be alone
don?t stand so close to me
maybe then i?ll be free

time is passing by
i will fight
against your constant presence
in my mind
the winter gains on me
i?ll survive
you?ll be a part of me
till i die

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album A Path Across The Elegance - AshaA Path Across The Elegance
- Covers
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