Metal/Hardcore since 2011.

Athena Shouts Kill Her is a five pieces band started in february 2011. Thanks to some local shows, the guys started to make people know about their project and after one year of performances they started to write their first EP. The title track, "This Could Be Nothing" was released few months before. In summer 2012 the quintet started the recordings of the 7 tracks EP, that will be released in December.

In the new year there is a line up's change thanks to Andrea that will join the band as a new bassist. Not only there is a new member, but also the guys started to move on another kind of music, more gang chorus, heavy riffs, breakdowns, yells and high screams. Here came the change for the project, their enthusiasm will bring the guys to write new songs with all their new influences, all of them played in their live shows. In june, the band left from Italy for their very first tour, where they proudly opened for bands like Converge and Rotten Sound.

Came back to Italy and after some creative wait, they're now ready to release their new material, hoping that one day, the dream to take over the world will come true.
But anyway, it's not about how much success everyone has, it's about to remember. And this will be remembered for them.