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Testo della canzone

Chorus:repeat 4 X's?
Do you wanna play? well you don't have a choice, stand up alive cuz the music hasn't died yet.

Suzzie wuz a psycho, but she looked good, little ball of fire light it up and cook wood (:)). She knew the power of what she had to offer, pieces of her puzzle, personality and posture. When its properly done it seems spun, as long as you're not the one to be stung. Bar Fly, lookin 4 a fallguy, takin on all types, from the big baller to the small fry. Get what you want out of life, but every night now the same thought arise maybe not alike? still as lonely as the number 1 cuz you only love someone so you can have someone to run from.
run, run, put your back into it Sue, always wondered what it'd be like to try 2rap2u, we gotta show Suzzie love, aint no way anybodys gonna stop for the music cuz....


Bobby was a genius, and he would prove it. His favorite move is to make you look stupid. He knows the answer, nobody put they hands up, when he starts talking everybody.........
Bobby didnt have friends, not real ones. just a buncha likeminded self righteous Pilgrims. And they all treated Bob like the big cheese, knowin damn well they all thought he wuz a "bitch please"..
blows his own horn, slaps his own bass, while everybody waits for him to fall on his face. And while he's down , someone will take his place. If the suit is in trump even the 7 beats an ace.
Look at Bobby, he doesnt even know that you're supposed to set a new one after you acheive a goal. acomplishments are just excuses to talk'n'spit, when the music stops who will have a spot to sit?


Bring me the head of whoever said "Play Fair" I wanna sit in my chair and wear a blank stare. Fuck being king of the hill, when the music dies you'll be the first one the villagers kill. Walk in circles, dizzy of the movement. Talk in circles, the undergrounds polluted. Lots of circles, you're wonderin where you fit. Stop the circless.....

Beatbox:) you don't have a choice... stand up alive...


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