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Testo della canzone

mary you burn!
the words turn into ash on your tongue
the dogs begin to bark when you walk
why does everybody love you?
mary your war
has just begun but you have won before
a touch up on your make up and go
cause everybody loves the way you burn
and all the world will burn with you!
mary your gun
it smells like a cherry lip gloss
your heels are leaving holes in the floor
your breath is nourished by mine
mary you burn
just like the sun still burns on the stone
just like a magnifier on a moth
and everybody loves the way you burn
and all the world will burn with you
all your lies become the truth
all your bets will always lose
falling stars just look for you
and i am dieyng to ask to you:
can i burn in your arms oh mary?

Album che contiene Mary

album Butterfly effect A Toys Orchestra
Butterfly effect 2014 - Post-Rock

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