A Toys Orchestra - Testo Lyrics Mirrorball

Testo della canzone

can i get some fortune?
can i get some fine thews?
well,don't give up!
let's face the night!
ten thousand beers are not enough.
can i get some strong booze?
can i get some luck babe?
that someone says it does not exist.
but i don't give up!
and i play my cards!
i do my best to do the worst.
can i get some strong rules?
everybody let's get physical
everybody likes a mirrorball
everybody needs a phone to call
everybody's got a boiler
everybody needs a lawyer
everybody swears on the bible
everybody loves to say at all: "i'm fine!"
i wanna roll away
just like an empty bin on the road
dragged far away by the wind!
yeah ..by the wind.
i wanna roar and howl!
just like a horny werewolf
then,i wanna dance like a queen!
just like a queen!
everybody wants a mirrorball
everybody likes a mirrorball
everybody loves a mirrorball
everybody dance with mirrorball

Album che contiene Mirrorball

album Butterfly effect - A Toys OrchestraButterfly effect
2014 - Post-Rock
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