A Toys Orchestra - Testo Lyrics My Heroes Are All Dead

Testo della canzone

you're sad,
you're sad for nothing, and yet
you keep on laughing.
our saying was "all or nothing", instead,
now we're just sitting waiting for a kind of superman.
no land
no land was better than this
to start our marching.
now i stare.
i stare at you laughing, so sad.
while you keep on smoking
waiting for some kind of superman.
no time to promise!
no word for praying!
cause god's praying in turn.
and now keep on laughing,
and now keep on smoking,
waiting for a stupid superman!
…your superman.
my heroes are all dead!

Album che contiene My Heroes Are All Dead

album Butterfly effect - A Toys OrchestraButterfly effect
2014 - Post-Rock
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