A Toys Orchestra - Testo Lyrics Wake Me Up

Testo della canzone

wake me up, wake me up before you go.
wake me up, shake me out like a stormy blow.
take another sip of wine, outside it's cold!
wake me up, wake me up, before it's dawn
wake me up, wake me up before you go.
take me home by the hand, it's all i really want.
now it seems the road is longer than before.
hold my hand just one more time till you break my bones.
take me home,take me home before you go
take my home by the hand it's all i really want
i want
before you wake me up, a while before..
the stars will turn the light off.
cause when you'll wake me up,
a thrill will shake my bones,no rain could wash our fault.
i'm ready, wake me up!
i'm sure, hey wake me up.
c'mon let's wake me up!
oh wake me up!
let's go

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album Butterfly effect - A Toys OrchestraButterfly effect
2014 - Post-Rock
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