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At times I'm so preoccupied running
I forget paying attention to where I'm going
At times I'm so busy reaching ecstacy
I forget paying attention to all other needs

We've all got our methods of survival
These are mine

Shoo away the annoying dandelion seeds
Chase a katzenjammer violin up a tree
Startle the birds so they take off
With the entire lake in their feathers

At times I'm so busy avoiding trouble
I forget paying attention to what I miss out on

These everchanging methods of survival

I may be too deep into the darkside
But I know we need to be a bit naive as well
One thing though - how to regain naivete
When already cynical?

Have some bittersweets
They're good for you
Please help yourself to some bittersweets and light refreshments

Paper aeroplanes crash into bottles spilling wine
On flies hanging around washing their hands
Maud lin flies reel all over the table when suddenly
A turreen of soup tips over as the cloth woos
and stretches for the sheets on the clothes line

I need my escapism
I'll hold on to it till I learn new methods of survival

Somehow somehere sometime it will all be good

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