Autumn Leaves - The Awake testo lyric


The wisdom of melodious silence
hidden chronicles
of un contaminated islands
frail esoterisms of old secrets
but wherever the rest of the world
condamned, more&more
every time to annihilate
of hot iron power
lack of spirit
The autumn people
in my madness, in a summer solstice
I wish I was a child
to dance again in a fairy circle
to make me carries off and
leave this dimension
like Thomas the Rhymer
to live and appease of my dreams
with the ones who know
and have always know that I'm:
humble, crazy, clever, ignorant,
Harnessed of anachronisms
and cryin demon
Another mountain in front of me
and a shadow of a bird high in the infinity graze me
What to be said about this land...
What to be said about this life...
now that I know this fragment of truth
a small hill, which opens
to morning dance,
lead you through fairy courts.
anthem of love and adventures
and after... the sunset
the future door
The door of Tomorrow !


La canzone The Awake si trova nell'album Morgana uscito nel 2005.

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