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Bands Aid is a new booking agency from Milano, Italy. Our agency takes care of booking, promotion, on-the-road-management; we organize gigs, events for bands (rock, metal and their affiliates) especially for those who are already known in their countries and would like to play also here in Italy. We normally contact bands that already have a record label here in Italy, but otherwise we are available to help those who don't have any deal with record companies in our country.

Thanks to our contacts with clubs and media, and thanks to our staff members we are able to offer :

- gigs in northern and central Italy (eventually also in the south);

- promotion before the tour, with flyers, magazines, tvs, net;

- fixed accomodation in Milano (as long as the distance from the venues makes it possible) and eventually in the other further cities;

- we take care of driving the bands in every venues (minibus and driver);

- we take care of everything is needed by the band during the period of the tour.

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