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Testo della canzone

I wish that I could spread my arms so wide
That I could wrap them around everyone I've ever known and loved
Protect them from the crashing waves
The storms that will take us all one at a time
The unheard goodbyes that we are never ready to whisper
Turning once strong men into lost little boys
Standing well dressed, staring into six-foot holes

Sick of this chill everytime the phone rings too early or too late
The what-if silences that linger in between
Why can't I build a raft strong enough
To carry us through the coulds, the flames
OR any of that shit I don't believe in
I would do anything to not have to squeeze another trembling body
Who was not ready to face life's end
TIred of sitting slumped in the corner trying not to come apart
As the lines stretch around the building

Why does only death show us how much we truly mean to each other
THe beautiful things that we're not ready to lose or have yet to try
Knowledge does not come in books, it comes in caskets
I don't wanna see how brave we can be anymore
I've seen the strength it takes to get past and move on
And would trade it all away to know how to keep you here forever
Maybe I've grown too old
MIssed out on the glamour and the glory
Just can't see past the tears and the pain
Oh please don't bury me in the rain

Album che contiene Don't Go

album The Note Bane
The Note 2005 - Elettronica

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