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Testo della canzone

What keeps us here
Is a few shining lights
Who brighten our paths
Whenever we roll through
It's more than music
Not part of some crew
It won't last forever
But it's thicker than blood

The best reason I can think of to have come all this way

What keeps us here
Is bonds that we share
From so far away
Throughout all the years
So few decisions
Will ever cost you more
Than those you choose
To place in your trust
Consider your friends

The best reason I can think of to have come all this way

You are what this means to me

You crouched in the corner
Rolling dice before the show
With a smile and a hug
"I've been counting down the days"
The hours fly right by so we stay up all night
Talking movies, talking life
Remembering where we came from
All that's changed but you've remained
And that's enough for me

Album che contiene What Keeps Us Here

album The Note Bane
The Note 2005 - Elettronica

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