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That Really Hurts2010 - Indie, Funk, Electro

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Nicoletta Carbonara as "the girl"
Fabrizio Panza as Big Charlie

Executive Producer: Stefano Milell and Matteo de Ruggeri
Producer: Pino Milella
Director: Kobayashi
1st Assistant Director: Giuseppe Mis-Bug Longo
Dop, Editor, 2D/3D Visual Effects: Kobayashi
Gaffer: Gianluca Dentamaro
Best Boy: Matteo de Ruggeri
Screenwriters: Stefano Milella and Kobayashi
Casting assistant: Violetta Torres
Miss Carbonara's Make up: Laura Cacciapaglia
Big Charlie's Make up: Annarita Milella
Special Effects Make up: Arianna Lunare
Key costumer: Felicita Milella

Thanks to:
Property owner (exteriors): Andrea Navach
Property owner (studio): Il Baricentro
Big Charlie's Outfit: 1900
Miss Carbonara's Outfit: Discipline
Transportation and set props: Rasciasound
Set props: Francesco Nocito
Set props: Pistolato & Figli
Set props: Gabriella Grassi


"Big Charlie is everyone who identifies himself in it.
Big Charlie is white like a New One.
It has big ears to listen all voices, all sounds, all notes.
Big Charlie is the big jump.
It is watching everything from above.
..In the frenetic rhythm, in the beat of the Charleston, in the jerking movements...
Big Charlie can't scare you...
It is a synchronized step dance.
Inside all of us there's irreverence.
Inside all of us there's fear.
Inside all of us there's a Big Charlie"

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