Bikini The Cat - Carefully line testo lyric


You tell me that you're sick
I try to help you a bit
You tell me many lies
I listen carefully
You speak about your big pains
and getting stuck in your feet
I've never had a hug, indeed, nothing
Now listen to me, listen to me I wanna play with you
'cause you're all my energy (It's easy) my energy (so easy)
Finally you'll raise up a little family Working in a factory
not to live in misery
Waiting for the salary
Forgetting all your injuries
I've never had a thanks, a hug, indeed, nothing.
I'm a little pretty gaudy gauche,
Sunny rainy days change my mind.
sorry I don't know what you're looking for,
maybe I should read it in your eyes....


La canzone Carefully line si trova nell'album Cold water, hot water, very hot water uscito nel 2005 per La Matricula, Venus Dischi.

Copertina dell'album Cold water, hot water, very hot water, di Bikini The Cat

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