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Testo della canzone

There's something to say ah ah ah
my heart has been thinking for hours
I've cleared my view with colors
to feel everyday, everything

my view, your view are mighty
embrace me my body's missing
but maybe my blood is ready
to feel everyday, everything
to feel everyday, everything so

find me in this melancholic song
it's not me,
I'm fighting for the best that I can
treasure this moment full of pleasure
we'll have these days agan and again

just listen, your eyes are closed
the tv is on, nothing more
come close beside me
with a delicate kiss surprise me
I need colors and nothing more
to feel everyday everything
to feel everyday everything so

Album che contiene Real Mirage

album Me, you and the Superheroes - Bikini The CatMe, you and the Superheroes
2008 - Rock, Punk, Pop La Valigetta, Self Distribuzione S.p.A.

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