Bikini The Cat - Testo Lyrics You Don't Need Bourgeoisie

Testo della canzone

Aubergine and courgette
On the table It's time to eat
Flowers in my hands
The acrobats are ready to jump.
AereodYnamical flats
Architecture in agony
The ambitions of my dad
Still the time that he should pass with me
I get a horrible stomachache 'cause I can't share your point of view
Your ideas are so conventional, you're just jealous and aristocratical
You don't need bourgeoisie
'cause I hope that you will be free
and stop to create this show
Where your life is the best that we know

Album che contiene You Don't Need Bourgeoisie

album s/t - Bikini The Cats/t
2004 - Pop, New-Wave, Indie
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