alternative rock, delta blues, psychedelic

"Very different to everything else around at the moment, and that's always a great thing in my book,
that's Black Casino and the Ghost ... I like what they're doing very much"
(Simon Raymonde, Cocteau Twins - Bella Union)

"...Black Casino and the Ghost make serious music with a sense of humour"
(The Guardian)

(Fresh on the net)

"What strikes you, like a crisply thwacked cricket ball to the testicles is the sheer poetry and
intelligence of the lyrics plus the quite remarkable vocals of Elisa Zoot...Genius"
(The Von Pip Musical Express)

"Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No is a great record. It’s got so many ideas, so much variety coursing through every song on it that there’s enough here to keep you finding something new every time you hear it"

"Alternative music with real intelligence and clarity"

"Black Casino &The Ghost are a London based band that are clearly on another level in the underground scene”

Black Casino and the Ghost are an alternative rock band consisting of Elisa Zoot (vocals, piano) Ariel Lerner (guitar) Gary Kilminster (bass) and Paul Winter-Hart (drums, also member of British band Kula Shaker). The band was formed in London, England. They released an EP called “Falling into pieces” in 2011 and an album, “Some dogs think their name is no”, in 2013. Their second album “Until the water runs clear” has been released in November 2015. An eclectic mix of delta blues, piano-led ballads, alternative rock and cinematic orchestral arrangements, Black Casino and the Ghost’s music is about isolation, disorientation, lust, and how to fly a plane through turbulence without spilling your coffee.