Blue Shoe Strings - Blue Shoe Strings - Heartquake

Blue Shoe Strings - Heartquake

Red glasses on, Short black skirt.
You’re so damn hot n’ you know that girl.
High heels, higher than anythin’.
Your walkin’ ‘s slow n’ it’s shakin’ everythin’

Chorus: You got the love for no one, I say “get over it son”!
You’re like a dangerous fish, you ‘re sharin’ death with a kiss. Yeah.

Rit. A heartquake,
A heartquake,
A heartquake,
Just like a heartquake, yeah

So fresh so groovy n’ so, so sexy show.
You make it harder for me, to search for more.
So sugarmade, so damn dreamy.
You wake me up n’ you wake up in me.

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