Biografia Black Maps & Motel Rooms

We don't know how to call it, let's just say we play Post-Hardcore.
We love post-rock atmospheres, heavy riffs, weird pedals and odd time signature.
No connections to past works, this is a total different shape of us.

FFO: Alternative, Post-Hardcore, Math-Rock, Post-Rock

We wanna say thanks to the following bands:
Deftones • Hum • At The Drive • And so I Watch You from Afar • Marmozets • Minus the Bear • Tera Melos • God is an Astronaut • Radiohead

If you wanna book us, chat with us, review our stuff, make an interview, talk about projects, whatever you want, write to, or PM this page.

Our first EP is out now on Bandcamp.
Everything was written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band itself.
Francesca Palamidessi - voce, effetti
Cristiano Gizzi - chitarra
Yuri Simonetti - chitarra
Fabiano Perrupato - basso
Andrea delle Femine - batteria

instagram: @bmmrmusic

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