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First self-titled EP by the alternative-rock band Brand New Heroes
Available on:
- iTunes (http://goo.gl/BrPjKw)
- Google Play Store (http://goo.gl/Zfisjw)
- Spotify (http://goo.gl/HrjmH9)
- Official Store (http://brandnewheroes.rocks/store-checkout)


Francesco // Lead Vocals
Max // Guitars & Vocals
Alessio // Bass, Keyboards & Vocals
Giulio // Drums & Backing Vocals

Additional vocals on "Love Me Again" by: Kristina Grancaric
Programming: Alessio Luschi
Guitar Engineering: Massimiliano Lunardi
Mixing Engineering: Alessio Luschi
Master Engineering: Tommaso Bianchi
All songs by: Brand New Heroes
All lyrics by: Alessio Luschi except tracks 04.05 by Francesco Banci and track 08 by Massimiliano Lunardi
Produced by: Brand New Heroes
Recorded and Mixed at: Sweet Salt Studio
Mastered at: White Sound Studio


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