Braveheart - Testo Lyrics Horror Vacui

Credits Horror Vacui

Written by G.Vecchi - Vocals: Gigi - Backing vocals: Silvio, Gabriele

Testo della canzone

This is a song about people who are afraid
of rests in music...

Now you are your room’ s star my boy,
the thing you need more
is more sound, to fill your bars,
like melted wax over the city
to fill the spaces among buildings.

The silence is so natural!
(oh no!)

Horror Vacui.
(oh please!)

Don’ t be afraid to add some silence,
in your songs...
dudu dudu..

Now your acoustic guitar is not enough,
your two hands are few...
but the silence you’re afraid of
it’s in your heart not in your songs!

The silence is so natural!

Horror vacui.
Horror vacui.

This is “My Girl” without horror vacui..

This is the same song with horror vacui...
(...Shapy Shapy Shapy)

Horror vacui..
Horror vacui...

Album che contiene Horror Vacui

2015 - Rock, Psichedelico, Pop rock
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