Braveheart - Testo Lyrics The Hunter

Credits The Hunter

Written by A.Gennari - Vocals: Gabriele - Backing vocals: Silvio

Testo della canzone

You have a rifle very big
You are an hunter very smart
You say, is what you say

You have never worked a day
You are always on my charge
My charge, on my charge

And I wouldn’t pay
And I wouldn’t pay for you bills, for your bills

The fox on two legs is on your target
The fox on two legs is always on your mind
On your mind

She cames to you every night when you tell me that you’re outside with your friend
With your friends

And I pretend to believe
And I pretend to believe, in you, in you

And hunter when you’ll stop
And hunter when you’ll stop to lie,
to lie, to me?

Album che contiene The Hunter

2015 - Rock, Psichedelico, Pop rock
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