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People don't know wher to go or what to say...these days I can't sleep for thinking about you it's been building up inside me for years Survival is our code Success is our religion With our heads hung in shame and our hearts glowing with pride we've found a means to an end and oh my God it thrills us to death We'd like to know how you live your life we'd like to know you're still safe and sound after the sancuaries of empty words have fallen to cemeteries we' lke to know And time has taught us more than one lesson so we'll never make the same mistakes again If saying so little had ever meant so much may I go crazy another part of me every time shakes my soul and burns to the bottom of every glass parched dry by too many years brittle cracked age falls like dust If you think you've found your chance wishing on a coin good luck to you good luck to all those like you

Album che contiene PRIDE

album Heartburst Breathless
Heartburst 2006 - Punk rock

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