Electronic music producers with different moods and haircut.

buMMer is a electronic music project started by Marco M. and Andrea M. Lucano, brothers and musicians, in a basement in the hinterland of Milan.
They began in 2010 live jamming with drums and synths; in 2013 they decided to start producing their own tracks.The result of this first approach to electronic production is the 5 tracks EP “Different Haircuts” that came out in late 2013.
Sonic qualities and rhythms are touching different music genres (classical and electronic) to create a mood close to the american and british Electronic Dance Music, with influences coming from Glitch-Hop, Acid Techno, Drum n’ Bass, Progressive, Moombahtoon...
In the following months they worked on a series of remixes while promoting themselves performing DJ sets.
Right now they’re working on international collaborations with other musicians and producers while finishing a new EP that will be ready in 2015. Thay’re also planning to
work with real drums and other organic musicians to prepare a live performance.

#bummer #differenthaircuts