Alt rock / Post Metal

Butterfly Riot channels the alt. rock dynamism of the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Incubus, yet they amped the ferocity of and volume with scuzzy riffs blusteing hard-core-a-like energy.
They formed at the beginning of 2014 to transpose their need to get tuff on song writing. After the very first gig they kept up writing new material.
Although their different musical backgrounds that range between folk music to hard core, they managed to create a signature sound made by pounding drum beats, blended with electronic and heavy base and guitar sounds, all of this clashed with emotive singing that delivers a bleed through the guts.
On march 2015 they are releasing their debut EP, “From Beneath”, featuring three original songs and a couple of remixes of unreleased material. This will be the prequel for a full length album.
They are expected to tour extensively in the summer, to enter the studio and record a full length album on fall 2015.