Canaan - Codex Void testo lyric


Show me the end of the journey
Teach me how to wipe this soiling blood
Off my eyes hands and lips.

I now seek my revenge
Over a dramatic pathway.
Codex: untouched. Void: unattained.

The paths of desire led us
To this Grey slavery
Where golden walls
Replace Calm and guardian angels.

Teach me how to tear this prison down
The Codex spiral !
A strange wheel of fire
Still spinning and running and entrapping.
Codex: violated Void: replenished.

Just another grey day
In this Ebony paradise
Absorbing the venom of your spiritual hells.
Release me from this nightmare:
Lend me your sharpest blade.
Codex: blade Agony: deleted.


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La canzone Codex Void si trova nell'album Walk Into My Open Womb uscito nel 1998.

L'articolo Canaan - Codex Void testo lyric di Canaan è apparso su il 2002-01-31 00:00:00


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