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Testo della canzone

"To blindly believe Shall be the whole of your law"
"Love under the siege of faith"

Bowed before idols of dust:
Breathe the air of submission !

For when Eternity expires
You'll stand before them Naked in your Sins.
Is this the reward for a life of adoration ?
The idols of lies need silent adorers.
Is this the price of your Countless humiliations ?
The idols of flesh need weak adorers.

Human garbage
Human ashes
Human pain
By gods of powder dismissed !

To obey is to suffer
To love is to conquer
To kill is to adore then.....

As wolves among sheeps we are hunting.

Album che contiene Doloris Charisma

album Blue Fire Canaan
Blue Fire - Elettronica, Dark

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