Canaan - Over Absolute Black testo lyric


Evanescent figures walk by my side
As I silently cross the borders of night
Their voices gently push me through a solid prism of noise

I hear them calling my name.

Take me with you
Take me through you
On a journey over this absolute black

The ghosts of psychic collapse
Walked by my side
As I vanished through the borders of night

Where an image of purity and domination
Painted the sky of pale dead colors
And swept away the perfume
Of that fucking absolute black.


La canzone Over Absolute Black si trova nell'album Brand New Babylon uscito nel 2000.

Copertina dell'album Brand New Babylon, di Canaan

L'articolo Canaan - Over Absolute Black testo lyric di Canaan è apparso su il 2002-01-31 00:00:00


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