Canadians - Testo Lyrics Good News

Testo della canzone

News, good news, don?t you know?
It?s the end of the contemporary age
snow and deers will return in town
and tears will not just be untrue

and this world is going to change
i?m falling in love with you
put your pins on the t-shirt
the revolution is near

wind of change in the air, in my brain
i?m glad and my heart is near to explode

how so sweet the good news are
like a goose flying to the sun
let?s go so far to the river, where frogs and fishes smile
here we could stay for a holiday

Album che contiene Good News

album A Sky With No Stars - CanadiansA Sky With No Stars
2007 - Rock, Pop, Indie Ghost Records, Audioglobe
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