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Mutations - Single Ep
2013 - Neomelodico, Indie, Alternativo
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Capitano Merletti - "Mutations" Liquid&Solid

Artist city, country: Italy

Artist Biography: Capitano Merletti (born May 29, 1976),
is an Italian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, best known as singer and guitarist of Maya Galattici and Chinasky.

His music can generally be defined as psychedelic rock, neo-folk and indie pop but he also mix in elements from retro Italian
sondtracks, electronica, noise, twee pop, experimental and many other musical styles.

He produces and plays almost all of his own music. His home recording technique gives his music a very lo-fi sound. Capitano Merletti's influences range from Syd Barrett to Brian Wilson.

He realized the video of his first single “Mutations” with the independent video maker Luigi Tadiotto.
He produced the song “Love on Tape” by the artist “DonnaKatya”.
His first solo Album is called “Watch out for Satelittes and Asteroids”.

Director Name: Luigi Tadiotto
Director Link:
Producer Name: Liquid&Solid
Producer Link:

About The Video: Artist: Capitano Merletti
Song: "Mutations"
Album: "Mutations (The Single Ep)"
Music & Lyrics: Alessandro Antonel
Recorded at Garage Studio (Tv) Italy by Marco Pagot & Alessandro Antonel
Mixed by Marco Pagot & Alessandro Antonel - Capitano Merletti: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acustic Guitar, 12 Strings Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Electric Organ - Marco Pagot: Bass, MS20, Synth - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2013

Artist Website:
Other Link:

Label Name: Liquid&Solid
Label Website:


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