Catherine - Testo Lyrics The Naturals

Testo della canzone

If I called you by your name deserved
A disguested look would soon return
Why disguise your given looks?
...or make it up to match the books?

My glass is never full, i'm a natural.
In a world you can touch, i'm a natural.

There's no hope now. There's no hope for you!

Tempt me not to bring upon
A list of truths you wish were wrong
The terrafying twist of lies
Bestowed on those which you despise.

The double clicks will get your fix through all of this it's natural.

See I am one of those you seek, a lesser form of you(x2)
See I am one of those you seek.
You're the one who's built this jail.
See I am one of those you seek.

She's her torture, she's her torture now

Album che contiene The Naturals

album The Naturals - CatherineThe Naturals
2007 - Rock, Pop, Indie
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