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Testo della canzone

Prove yourself stand up straight
It's the nature of the beast
Every day and every hour
Is a progress on the feast

Cheers my friend we'll take you to the end
To a place you've never been
You're so fine for the crime to become a mastermind
Step aside the fears you have
And prove you're a chosen one
Burn the flame that represents
The colours of your bloody name
Activate and tell no one
And keep it for surprise
Hold the line 'cause it's time
To become a mastermind.

Listen to the mastermind
Only to the mastermind
And obey the mastermind
Inside you, you gotta try to
And obey the mastermind
Masturbating mastermind
Listen to the mastermind
Inside you, you gotta try to find

I saw his masters head in the mirror
Laughing at me, 'cause I'm no longer free and he knows, yes he knows
Ain't got no time to be weak
And lose it all before I break
And pay back for mistakes I make
Don't spoil my energy
And leave some for the enemy
I'll rape your mindless soul
And kick it back into it's hole
Ain't got no time to be weak
Ain't got no time to be afraid
Don't spoil my energy
I'll rape your mindless soul

Album che contiene Mastermind

album Black Fuel Channel Zero
Black Fuel 1996 - Grunge

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