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(©Lorenzo Romagnoli) 2006

The walk is long and grim
But it's a thing I need
I'm walking to the sea
And it's raining on me

A lady treated me well
Bought me seven drinks
I got a story to tell
And it's raining on me

All the sex and booze
Drove me sick and sore
I walk as fast as I can
Kids are looking at me

A punk skater gang
They don't give a damn
I walk 'em past and see
All the birds and the sea

I walk along the pier
And wash my head at sea
I wanna be alone
A lonely man at sea
I'm far away from home
And it's raining on me

Now I'm home and dry
There's somebody with me
They're gonna buy me a drink
And won't be raining on me


©Lorenzo Romagnoli


La canzone IT'S RAINING ON ME si trova nell'album make my day uscito nel 2006.

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