Cromosauri - Friendly

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Friendly is the first single from the debut album NOIZ! by Cromosauri.

The song deals with the story of a sad boy who is closed in his problems. He just wants to sleep and do nothing. His friends try to help him, but he refuse their support. He wakes up, he washes his face, he brushes his teeth and then he goes to bed again.

My friend is so afraid,
he would like to know his name!
My friend is so sad,
he spends all his days sleeping in his bed.
All alone, he wastes his time,
he would like to have a reason to cry

but he hasn't it!

HE LOST HIS COLOURS! (He doesnt' know it)

Produced by Cromosauri.
Cast: Davide Salvadori (guitar/vocals), Lorenzo Salvadori (drums/vocals), Michele Demi (bass/vocals), Jeremy (the coloured dinosaur), Saverio Tonarini (sad boy)
Photography: Davide Salvadori, Lorenzo Salvadori, Agnese Montorzi
Editing: Davide Salvadori

Label and press: Ghost Label Record
Distribution: CrashSound, Believe, CODE7

Special thanks to Saverio Tonarini, Agnese Montorzi, Daniele Castellani for their help making this video.

(P)&(C) 2016 Cromosauri. All rights reserved.

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