The "Crossing The Thin Line" project was born in 2012 in Ferrara (Italy) and focuses on a musical idea concerning ambient metal sounds.

The project Crossing The Thin Line comes to life in 2012 in Ferrara (Italy) and focuses on a musical idea halfway between instrumental rock and metal.

The band's first album, "C.T.T.L.", has been released in 2014 in digital form and totally free on Youtube. The sound of this first work was defined:

"The Steven Wilson tutelary deity of any prog rockers of modern times” - “...and if Dream Theater tend to emerge, the sounds of Opeth become prominent when scenarios become more gloomy" from Raw & Wild WebMagazine

"Instrumental music that draws heavily from post rock and less from post metal, mixing them with elements of prog and math and maintaining a setting trembling on the edge of the surreal, with heavy uses of keyboards and a very load-bearing bass" - " The reference names are different, but among all I am thinking to the Maybeshewill ep Japanese Spy Transcript, sweet and delicate sounds but unable to pull off his rough side" from Italia di Metallo

After this first work the band has seen an almost complete change of line up, but at the end of 2015 is again ready to start writing a new chapter. The dreamy atmospheres are maintained, but with heavier sounds compared to the first album, and with the aid of samples. 2016 will probably be the year of the release of a new work from the band.