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(feat. Missy Elliot){Missy} Hey you nigga Tell me what the issue All up in the booty like tissue Could it be how Missy so vicious Make you so suspicious I been known to beat them bitches with those switches If you wanna roll with those sissies You can't roll with Missy I'ma kiss you on your cookie Show these pussies I'm the rookie Sleep while your homeboy book me (fikky fikky fikky) Is you mad cause I'm took and got you shooken {Verse 1} You think you slick Tried to play a dirty trick on this heart of mine You thought that I was blind You took your pick Between this other girl and me She was a friend of mine I got your ass this time Bridge Don't you come here talking that bull shit to me (to me) I ain't the one you with Tears in your eyes won't shed the lies you told to me (to me) So get up out my face ::Chorus:: Bye (it aint a, it aint a) Bye bye (you can cry all you want to) Bye (I caught you) You coulda stopped by, you got me hurting inside You shoulda never lied Bye (bye) You shouldn'tve kept that trick on the side {Verse 2} You think you bad Lost the only love you had Looking for someone Who you could fuck for fun (ficky-ficky-ficky) Why stay wit me If what you wanna do is play Take your tricks somewhere And keep your hoe ass there (you can stay right there) {Repeat Bridge} {Repeat Chorus} {Mya:} Shouldn't have kept, shouldn't have kept that trick on the side Then maybe I, I wouldn't of had to say goodbye {Repeat Chorus} {Missy:} All you had to do was ask me If I was nasty Lasting Won't quit until the sun set Read my lips I'd like to know who that bitch in the flick is Who you cheesing with, I'm about to flip Know what I'd do if I drink a brew Uhh Miller boo Kick 1-2 Kung Fu You and your boo The worst thing you could ever do Is have a chick on the side, right? TRUE! (true, true) {Repeat CHORUS until fade}

Album che contiene Bye Bye

album Mya MYA
Mya 1998 - Sperimentale, Elettronica, Electro

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