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(feat. Sisqo){Verse 1:} I cook your dinner I wash your clothes Baby hell no that's not the way it goes It's all about me tonight I ain't stop loving you Cause you still my boo You still my boo But you gotta see tonight it's all about me, me, me, me, me ::Chorus:: Its all about me me me me me Forget about you you you you you So whatcha gonna do do do do do Are ya gonna get it up? get it up ? {Verse 2:} Up jumps my butt nigga what nigga what U know I caught yo eye checkin out my thigh Now swing my body right to left Left to right, You know this ish looks tight Now just look at my body body uh huh And just hold me like a man should (Sisqo:like a nigga should) But baby you gotta see Tonight baby, it's all about me (Sisqo Baby) ::Chorus:: {Mya & Sisqo:} Do you know that I'm gonna love you for life So let's make tonight your night Baby my arms are open wide So let me come inside, hey hey Baby (Mya:oh baby) Is that what u want from me (Mya:cause thats what i need from you) {Chorus wit Ad libs til end}

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album Mya MYA
Mya 1998 - Sperimentale, Elettronica, Electro

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