Obscure Rock from Rome

Date at Midnight formed in Rome in 2007, the current line - up features Daniele De Angelis (voice), Pasquale Vico (bass), Francesco Barone (guitar) and Francesco Mignogna (drums), who joined in 2012 following the former drummer Danilo Staniscia.
They released a debut, self - titled EP (2008), and then the album “No Love” (2011) for Manic Depression Records. After five years of touring and composing new materials, the band released a new album, “Songs to fall and Forget”, again for Manic Depression, bringing some additional wave melancholia to their dark and impacting goth/postpunk sound, widely appraised during the band’s live appearances made all across Europe.
Since 2007, Date at Midnight have performed more than 70 gigs, in various Countries, such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, and shared the stage with some important international acts, including The Chameleons Vox, Madre del Vizio, Andi Sex Gang, Diary of Dreams, Neon, Vendemmian, Qntal, Spiritual Front, She Past Away, Jacquy Bitch, Red Zebra, Whispers in the Shadows, Lacrimas Profundere, No More, Bakterielle Infektion, Charles de Goal, Argine.
Their live performances are a trip made of theatrical and intense moments blended with passionate “rock” attitude, leading the audience to deeply feel emotionally involved, and leaving a trace which is difficult to forget