Delta V - Clocks testo lyric


Do you feel like I feel
it’s hurting my brain
and it’s deafening my ears
but I’m worrying no more
I’m anyting like what I look for
Time leads nowhere
my one and only certainty my love
We walk on china as the seconds slip away
and the crossroad that we meet is still the same
Run in circles, circles run through me
look around you
maybe that’s the way it is
that’s the way it is
I’m tied up to those maybes
Fast as light years is my speed
but each and every time I’m back to the same old place
back into my mind
I'm a word that you’ve already spoken
I’m not liyng to you dear
God’s a toy that I’ve already broken
five six the ticking insists
’m a mirror ball lost in the skyline
of a thousand new dawns
I’m the spinning wheel that hypnotized you
go on
Time leads nowhere
my one and only certainty my love
One two the ticking of clocks
is getting me mad as it’s getting much louder
three four asking for more
and peeling my skin off so slowly
Air can hurt you as the seconds fade away
and the fireworks that we see are not a game
Keep your tricks for someone else I’m running of breath
Keep the rabbit in your hat I’m tired and sick of that
Five six the ticking insists
it’s smashing my eyelids with it’s smashing fist
Go on it’s pushing my bones
my marrow’s squeezing out and I’m done


La canzone Clocks si trova nell'album Monaco ‘74 uscito nel 2000 per Sony BMG.

Copertina dell'album Monaco ‘74, di Delta V

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