Delta V - Pull me under testo lyric


Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone
Judge not unless you wish to be judged
Someone holds me
wants to pull me under in a maze
You never know what I did or what I do or what I done
Come close you gotta see what I can be
you look inside the microphone into my mentality
Let's get deeper
I can creep into the dark and make them understand
yes brother
I've made my mark
So let's look inside
deep inside
I make them understand little girls run and hide
'cause you try to take me on down
but you don't understand it's the sound of London town
L to the O
N with a D with an O with an N
my friend comprehend your judging me
but you don't see you never again
You come by the mike and see but you cannot see me
'cause I'm the real, real, real MC
You try to judge 001 since time begun
So you see this
you mean this?
Check it, check it, check it, listen up to what am I doing
I make them understand
I got my brains and my brains are brewing
like a pot of tea you drink with me and we can see
I'm the Earl Grey of rhyme I'm the boss C. JC001
coming on the mike get it done
with the Delta crew
the Delta crew got some fun
With a D
with a E
with a L
with a T
with a A
I may understand this but you don't judge J
Don't know that
you don't know rap
you don't know black
you don't understand I got the knack
You don't know me
the real MC
Check my mentality
You're judging 001 since time begun
Break it down
Got the eats
got the frits
got to listen
make them understand I'm a brother with a vision
Strange times
strange rhymes I climb
you don't want....rewind
put it back and then you listen
no dissin'
you don't understand to me on my knees rap's a religion
I pray everyday in every way and you say
you don't understand
It's just JC
crazy JC
and it's true
you don't understand my God is the mike and the mike's come to
your crew
have to listen to what I say
for twenty years upon the mike in every single way
You try to judge 001 since time begun
come on
You're writing what you like
you don't know it's so sad
I'm glad but you be listening to listening to Jayce
Don't start to lying writin'
You don't know what I did or what I do or what I done
You try judging Delta V since time begun son


La canzone Pull me under si trova nell'album Monaco ‘74 uscito nel 2000 per Sony BMG.

Copertina dell'album Monaco ‘74, di Delta V

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