sludgy swampy creepy dummy

The Di'aul are a band formed in Pavia (Italy) in September 2010.
The birth of the group is due to Daniele Mella who met three other dudes, Jeremy Toma, Mimmo Cinieri and Diego Bertoni, like him scholars of the genres Groove metal, Stoner Metal and Thrash Metal.
After a few months, the band creates a real understanding chemistry, combining the charm of the classic metal with the weight of the doom's atmosphere.
The name born from the idea of representing the group with a word of the local language which has similarities with the english word The Owl.
The Di'aul in 2010 recorded the first EP "GV 12.31” containing six tracks and then they begin a series of gigs opening to several better known italian metal band; in 2011 they started to record new material and in the same time they note an improvement during the live performances.
In 2012 they released "And Then Came The Monsters" the first official album that receives good reviews from the music magazines.
Someone used to call this band "The soundtrack of the end of the world."