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Testo della canzone

Take a look in my soul tonight: it's an empty space you'll find
Finally now I understand the last words Oracle said
What's the meaning of it all?
Why to find a brother lost
Just to lose him once again?
Tell me why I have to pay such a price for victory?
In the night along with Slayn, it has died a part of me
In the end he sacrificed everything to be redeemed
And I'm standing here alone, lonely, as I've never been
Is it all just a cruel joke? Are we all destiny's pawns?
Victory has a bitter taste... losing more than you have gained
Many questions in my mind,
But I just can't see the light
Maybe I will never do...
[King Randall:]
Now it's time to stop the pain
For his death was not in vain
Even for a time so short
You've been with him after all
And to save us it was
His brotherly love

Album che contiene The Price of Victory

album Gemini DRAKKAR
Gemini 2000 - Metal

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