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The history of Dust began in Milano in 1998 when three young university students created a band called Green Onions: they were Alessandro (singer), Gian Paolo (guitarist) and Max (drummer). The following year Luigi, a guitar and bass player, joined them. In October 2000 Luigi left the band to join a punk/ska project called Dos de Picos; he was replaced by two Alessandro's high school mates and friends: Luca (guitar) and Fabio (bass), former members of Paranoia and Muttley and the 69ers. The band renamed itself as Dust. After a long period of reharsal and training, they started to play in small clubs and venues and in May 2002 recorded the first 3-tracks demo with two original songs (War pt. II and Shaking like a leaf) and a cover from Cold called Confession. In September 2002 Max's job forced him to move to Lisbon and, after a quite long search, the drummer Davide Bini joined the Dust family and completed the lineup. The band restarted its work and in June 2004 the guys entered the Soundcheck Studios in Milano to record their second demo with ten songs. Since then Dust have always been focused on perfectioning their sound and creating new songs, together with a quite intense live activity. Since October 2007, Sebastian Valenzuela replaced Davide Bini at the drums. In January 2009 they recorded "Things To Be Found Underwater", an acoustic CD of 10 tracks.

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