HOW SPIDERS PERCEIVE GRAVITY is the brand new EP from heavy post-rock italian trio EIN SOF. Featuring four new songs written and arranged across California and Italy, the EP was recorded with the supervision of friend and producer Dave Cocks (Throw Down Bones, Piatcions) in his Alps-based studio and mixed in London by James Aparicio (Mogwai, Grinderman, Spiritualized, Depeche Mode).

EIN SOF were born as the instrumental project of brothers Fabio and Dario Gatto.
The first EP “Trimurti” was recorded early 2014 in a three days session. Dario, who was living in London at the time, moved back to Italy shortly after. January 2015 sees the relase of “Clouds Hunger” EP, with the introduction of vocals. As a recognisable band's trademark Dario, who's also a full-time painter, signs the cover's artwork.
In February '15 the two embark in a three month trip to California, where they continuosly play as buskers and at open mics, and also record a live bootleg at Hotel Utah Saloon (available on Bandcamp).
Back home, the line up enlarges to a trio with Will at drums, and they spend one full year in reharsal and studio space, experimenting on sound and working at new songs. “How Spiders Perceive Gravity” is the result: vintage harsh, sonically dark, melancholically charming, rude and drowned in dreamy reverberated arpeggios, moving through the subtle fields of post-rock and post-metal.

EIN SOF's signature is written in ethereal guitar arpeggios and heavy riffs,
enriched and balanced by melodic vocal lines, while a groovy and edgy rhythm section defines a style unique and straight-into-your-face when experienced live.