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In the madness of the tower of the seven orichalcum gates
Glittering quintessence, realignment of the triple suns
A planet returns from confusion, phantoms of annihilation
A realm of destruction in chaotic rebirth
Spectral knights in starlit plains chant the rhyme of the staves
Darkling lords in swamplands drear cling to neon brilliance
The benevolents and the miscreants in truce for another beginning
We, the primitives, the dreamers seek the ways of creation

Plowing through the soil of night in a sacred quest
An apocalypse of thought, renaissance of imagining
Revolting against thrones of order and stagnation
From the rubble and silence we rise in a blaze

We're still alive, our time has come
The brave the strong and the foolish are one
Control the magic, control destiny
We are the leaders of the visionaries' age

Survivors wear the crest of great ability and strength
Wishes on the horizon and wonders in our hands
Hear our laughter amongst the thunder
We are the gods of myth, reveling in the storm

Arete is forged in fires of the hermit's spells
Pursue the virtuous traits of man and beast
The knowledge is rampant, wisdom enacted
Empowered by ability we become more than the heart

Traverse the grim perils of the ancient wizard's castle
Resisting the morbid that settle upon the hearth
We leave the rites of fear at the offer of a new hope
A divine opportunity to chase the sunrise

Riding out on the wind of the aggressor
At laser speed and through glowing mists unphased
Sounding the horn from the wings of the rainbow
A hypnotic chorus from angelic pantheons

Once the navigator dares and steps toward the void
From the highest window to the unfathomed Heavenscape
Open my eyes and bless the dawn of utter zero
The palace disappears forever

To the open unknown we fly
On the breath of the burning stars
Following a whim of Icarian audacity
Awakening as our will is wrought
From the mountain of iron shadows
Restoring the obscured truth from decay
We understand and meet the challenge of our time
This generation will set it right

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