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Gather the DNA of long dead conquerors
Comb the tombs, crypts and mausoleums for the genetic map
This unholy experiment shall revive my sinister mind
Since the reign of Solomon I've awaited this day
Despots and warriors shall quake at my name
I shall be worshipped for the monarch I am
From my ophidian chariot I shall rule as master
Alexander of a new empire
Evil - the hallmark of my greatness
The ruthlessness of Khan storming the Great Wall
The daring of Hannibal leading the charge
Of the Carthaginian elephant phalanx
Born to rule, destined to conquer
With the genius of Napoleon
The terror of Ivan, ferocious and cunning
Let all those who fear me obey
Arise Serpentor Arise

Numerous memories all frozen in time
Camaraderie of soldiers through the span of my lives
The events of today, the legends of the future
And the heart of morale still lies in the stomach
My eyes have seen the Roman legions herald the downfall of the Gauls and Nervii
My ears have heard the rattling armor of French cuirassiers in the streets of Moscow
My hands have wielded the weapons of iron upon the blood red hills
An echo of triumph beneath the immortal sky
Arise Serpentor Arise

Vengeance is ours, the victory cry
None who defy me shall live
Know that I am the one you seek
All who oppose me shall die
Beneath the shroud I receive the breath of life
From the nefarious bender of minds
Awareness returns, my spirit reborn
The Emperor reclaims his throne
The cold winds of battle are blowing again
The cobra slithers across the face of the world
A thousand years of fire shall be my legacy
This I command!
Arise Serpentor Arise

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