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Testo della canzone

Sleep comes, night falls, the death of another day
No strength to stay awake, the world fades away
And only my dreams can comfort now
Must find the meaning of all this somehow

Into bed I slowly sink, the promise of it's warmth
A journey yet to undertake in my weary state
And only my dreams can comfort now
Must find the meaning of all this somehow

On these cold black winter nights, when children play by the graveyard lights
Gypsies ask me what is life and paranoid I quest to find
Far into my dreams I ride beyond the rooms where I used to hide
Six silver gates unto heaven rise, the moon is the only familiar sight
Magnetic fields of auroral light, blue phantasms in nocturnal flight
Aging here is not a threat, above the storm I conquer death
Ascending mountains to the stars, walking the windblown plains of Mars
Barren planets will be revived in the silent universe within the mind

O how I enjoy the visions my mind manifests
Imagination freely opens when the body rests

Tomorrow when the sun has set and the stars are lit
Another dream I shall await as darkness hits

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