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Testo della canzone

A flight into distant space to pursue the call of seductive fate
Adventure be our only guide, the tempting siren accelerates
Seeds of exploration bloom to flowers of discovery
Brighter than the beams of a thousand wave motion guns
Destined to be renegades running at death's pace
Gallant spirits bound to none, adorned in leather, steel and fire
Outlaws with a warrior's eye, children of the summer forge
A cadre of chariots driven by the lawless band

Burning white comets and ancient planets
The promised worlds we have seen
The thrill endures, we dare to hope
Entering miracles and confident dreams

Hurled like a javelin from a mighty hand
Leaving slipstreams of magnetic flames
Intrepid and vigilant, we are lightning unleashed
Surrender we won't, we are prime

Amazed by a deluge of falling silver
Novas of magma keening as crystal
Glittering rain in the Magellanic clouds
Even into hell we go with blessing upon us

The fantasy must die only to become real
This day is better than the illusion of tomorrows
In love and young, our energy is infinite
The spire of the unicorn musting toward the Heavenscape

Hurtling, ascending at great mindless speed
After all that we've survived, loosed and faster than light
Coming to believe that all we see answers why we're alive
We blaze the wild stars

Move with us now, each frontier a new home, a treasure trove
Gleaming as Gamilon and Iscandar in unity
A maelstrom of bursting metal harnessed into primal force
The lord of despair is silent darkened by his own cruelty
Strife of questing is better than the comfort of depressive temples
Against the solar gale with a heart of rushing passion
Experience is better than the chill of brooding obsessions
Mysteries will linger and the journey we will seek

Higher rises the inferno masturbating with desire
A choir of suspiring freedom, the lion hailing the day
Before us no sword avails nor arrow pierce our souls
Invulnerable, we are the rebels of the glowing fields

They may be gods, but they aren't me
Unlimited by any arbitrary prophecy
Leave the meek to attend the little earth
We shall inherit the universe!!!

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