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Testo della canzone

In the dark sunless waters of the abyss
The wretched monster swims relentlessly in maddening cycles
Forgotten by time, abandoned by death
Driven by the bloodlust of hellish eons in mute solitude

The giant squid have seen it's terror as it snaps off their body
Polluting the water with a murk of ink and blood
The sick stump that remains is feast for ravenous sharks

Dismembered octopi serve as testimony of it's demoniac cruelty
As once mighty tentacles now lie in tangled heaps in undersea trenches
And their corroded heads drift like gory mucus

An enemy of whales for their music brings harmony to the aquatic empire
It rages against them - indomitable - inexorable
In the agony of evil it scorns all creation

It hunted the icthyosaur into extinction
The great sea snakes of Naguil found lairs elsewhere
Carcharadon megaladon - the warrior supreme

Alone in the ocean, the tyrant
Ageless abomination in odious ecstasy

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