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A thousand years on Thra since the conjunction of the suns
When the brothers were divided into order and chaos
Together eternal in polarized incarnations
Observing the cosmos through a severed millennium
The gentle Mystics driven from the castle into exodus
Toward a stone valley where lush melodies resonate
The cruel vulturine beings create crustacean terrors
Victims warped by the wrath of the deranged Skeksis

Into the black oak under the void
An inflamed eclipse against the peaks of silver hills
See the mountain bathing beneath the rose fire
Converging as a sole eye, the three flames shall burn

Each orb as a unique imagination
In the solitude of the orrery
Physics, alchemy and existence
Harmonizing to the pitch of the flute

Taking wing to the skies or striding on land
Consumed at the teeth of the vile Skreesh
Charismatic drive tempered with a quiet calm
Good and evil interlaced in an enchanting craft

The parallels die in unison
Insubstantial as ghosts in the mist
The scroll of promised restoration in the ancient city
The vivid flight of an everlasting essence

Leap onto the crystal and plunge in the dark shard
Rebuild our shattered planet by the light of it's truth
The living waters of dazzling stars
Pouring forth opaque might as the arch of a bow
Emboldened by the power of a forthcoming era
As the celestial bodies realign
Those who were exiled shall return to the palace
And the pure urSkeks will leave this healed plane

Perched atop a vital time
When the foes again unite
A great conscience is now sworn
To usher forth the age divine
When single shines the triple sun
What was sundered and undone
Shall be whole, the two made one
By Gelfling hand, or else by none

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